Most brand messages are easy for someone to ignore. Why? Because they aren’t relevant to that person in that moment. National and local marketers can avoid this pitfall with data-driven, performance-oriented media activations. By targeting specific audiences and regions, and tailoring the content, you capture customers’ attention and inspire action.

Media You Can Measure

We take this approach for digital and traditional media. We plan, buy, and optimize national and local media across the entire marketing funnel. Because sales are critical to achieving the greatest return on your media investment, we typically start at the bottom, concentrating first on trial and conversion, then working our way up to awareness and consideration. With a mantra of continuous improvement, we test, learn, and optimize campaigns across the entire media mix to achieve the best possible results, making the most out of your media budget.

We don’t just consult with brand marketers to devise a full-funnel strategy for digital and traditional channels. We also work with local marketers to execute agreed-upon tactics and customize creative at scale. Through that holistic lens we can see opportunities at the national and local levels.

Integrated Teams

In a time of media convergence, silos no longer make sense. We don’t separate our media group into strategy or buying, digital or traditional, search or social. Our multidisciplinary teams comprise strategic experts with hands-on experience across all media channels who understand market factors that impact your business: local economy, demographic and ethnic composition, media landscape and costs, competitive spending, and local events. We take all of this into account, along with previous media performance, to formulate plans that achieve national local key performance indicators (KPIs).

This commitment to operational excellence allows your media dollars to flow to the best-performing opportunities. Then we go beyond dashboard reporting to provide deep analysis and actionable insight into media performance.


Identifying a person’s path to purchase is a critical consideration in your brand’s digital advertising strategy. By planning for every phase of the customer journey, leveraging various tactics, and hypertargeting for audience and device, you drive higher conversions. Our plans match your objectives while following best practices for eliminating fraud and wasted spend:

  • Programmatic
  • Display
  • Native
  • Mobile
  • Video

Paid Search

When consumers go online to research, read reviews, or make a purchase, you want your brand to be front and center. Paid search ensures you’re there when they are.

We help brands and their local partners plan and execute paid search programs that evolve with the search engines and result in measurable outcomes, such as leads and sales, especially when coupled with a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Our official partner status with Google and Bing ensures dedicated support, early access to beta products, invitation-only training, and first-to-market opportunities — all of which translates to a competitive advantage for you.


Like paid search, SEO can feel like a moving target. The way people search changes incessantly, their searches have become more complex, and search engines consider myriad factors when delivering results. To compete, you need a flexible, adaptable SEO strategy that addresses both brand and local needs. Our SEO team identifies opportunities to drive more traffic to your brand and partner websites so you both exceed business goals.

Organic and Paid Social Media

Social media has become an integral tool in your marketing arsenal for doing everything from building brand awareness to driving foot traffic to your local stores to delivering quality leads and purchases. Inclusive of organic and social content, our social media strategies consider your brand’s KPIs, national trends, and local insights to deliver tangible outcomes such as sales and positive return on ad spend (ROAS).

Ansira is also badged in the Meta Business Partner program for our excellence in the industry and mastery of Facebook platforms.


Television, it can be argued, remains the king of all media channels, effectively reaching a broad and diverse audience in both scope and market penetration. As the ways in which people “watch” TV have evolved, so has our approach, to mitigate wasted impressions and spend. We follow the targeted audience, including people streaming content across devices, and stay on top of over-the-top (OTT) innovation.


Audio — in all its forms — is the medium of choice for millennials, and, by some estimates, more than 90% regularly tune in to their favorite stations. Between terrestrial radio, streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify, and podcasts, audio has the greatest reach, providing an unparalleled path to engaging listeners when you reach your intended audience at the right frequency.


From direct mail to freestanding newspaper inserts (FSIs), print is a tangible, tactile format with staying power that keeps your brand top of mind. Print also is a convenient, reliable method for tracking sales and offer redemptions.

Out of Home

Whether on the road or in the neighborhood, out-of-home advertisements reach customers and potential customers while they’re out in the world. Through size and scale, you can promote products or raise awareness in delightfully unexpected ways.


A partnership is a powerful way to gain meaningful exposure. People like to associate themselves with businesses that support organizations they care about, so we do the research to find you a fruitful match.

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