Ideas & Thinking

As The Data-Driven Results Marketing Agency, we are constantly pushing the bounds of marketing services and technology. Expressions of some of these ideas are published below.

Email Deliverability

Brands often spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars creating, writing and sending tailored emails but it can all fall short if one small thing is overlooked –
email deliverability. Ansira has gathered the best practices for optimal inbox placement and engagement.

The Benefit of Bots

Bots are designed to help brands facilitate personalized service and commerce based on location. These computer programs take customer service to new levels by making it easier to get answers, make purchases, and complete tasks. As the demand for real-time moment-to-moment marketing grows, bots are poised to play a strong role in customer/brand communication.

Beacons Deliver In-The-Moment Communication With Consumers

Beacons are an emerging technology with abundant applications. Retailers use beacons to deliver real-time offers to customers as part of an in-store journey. With beacons, brands can communicate to consumers in the moment.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics enables sophisticated data analysis, fueling the ability for brands to connect with consumers in a personal, moment-by-moment cadence. From influencing online sales to optimizing online pricing, advanced analytics can help marketers make better decisions and increase business growth and impact.

Mobile-First for Retailers

Mobile-first is born out of the reality that the majority of shoppers use their mobile devices to make purchasing decisions and to complete transactions. Mobile-first works in tandem with the overall omni-channel marketing strategy with any available channel to engage customers on a personal basis — in the moment.

Sales Incrementality

Incrementality can be a game changer in the competitive marketplace. By approaching marketing in a scientific context, sales incrementality allows marketers to verify that the additional sales, conversions or traffic would not happen without the additional effort. Learn how Ansira helps marketers prove sales incrementality.

Attribution Analysis

If you knew that your company’s sales were historically linked to email marketing, paid search ads, social media, direct mail, display media — or any combination thereof — it would make sense to focus on those channels for future customer engagement. But what if you weren’t sure, or thought you needed validation in order to justify your marketing budget? What if you operated on the assumption that the greatest conversions came from email marketing, but in reality they were from display ads?

Build A Strong Plan For Testing

You wouldn’t make a big purchase, such as an expensive car, without taking a test drive or considering other models first. Smart marketers know that you also shouldn’t launch a big marketing campaign, website, special offer or program without considering testing and optimization from the beginning. Here’s how Ansira provides clients with an abundance of testing and optimization services, from identifying what elements to test to how to utilize the best methodologies.

Smart Omni-Channel Orchestration

Marketing has evolved from one-to-one communications to an omni-channel approach that influences customers across the buying moment. Learn how Ansira helps marketers create show-stopping campaigns with omni-channel orchestration that enables the delivery of relevant, timely content that works in concert across all channels to engage the audience.

Digging Deep Into Data

For brands, the path from mission to result is accomplished by following a tested, proven process. The Data 1-2-3SM philosophy is central to the five steps that culminate in the brand’s successful advancement from 1:1 to 1:moment marketing, and the desired quantifiable outcome. Ansira’s Data 1-2-3SM process shapes communication within the customer journey, fostering greater engagement and brand relevance.

Identifying The Right Customer Strategy

Ansira’s Engagement Marketing Trajectory is a visual guide that helps stakeholders discover a brand’s true market position – and determine the level of customer centricity needed to meet marketing and business goals. By leveraging the EMT, brands can consistently assess present and future marketing positions.

Marketing Tips for
Thriving in a Post -Digital World

Forrester Research, Inc., April 26, 2016
Are you mastering the new rules of digital marketing? We were interviewed for and quoted in the Forrester Report that explores how companies can connect with customers more effectively by being authentic, empathetic and inclusive in online marketing. Learn marketing tips including: Be human, be helpful and be handy.

What Does Modern Loyalty Really Mean?

Points-based loyalty programs that reward customers for dollars spent or frequent visits are no longer a market differentiator. Modern loyalty programs aren’t just about rewarding customers for certain behaviors, but aim to present individualized customers experiences.

Marketing to Millennials

Most marketing professionals believe they can spot a millennial a mile away. Those texting, messenger bag-wearing young professionals like their jeans skinny and their lifestyles green. Millennials are technologically savvy, mobile centric, and drawn to cause-driven marketing. They view Facebook like the previous generation did call waiting. They are culturally smart and culinarily experienced. They have strong opinions and use social media to share them.

The Customer Experience Landscape Report

Customer experience and customer loyalty, though certainly not new concepts, are undergoing a renaissance. Spurred by the promise of new technologies and the power of customer data, what’s old seems to be new again. Companies are looking to truly understand their customers and create more one-to-one engagements with them.

The Evolution Of The Customer Engagement Agency

As the demand for customer intelligence (CI) from business stakeholders grows and more organizations increase their CI maturity, organizations’ marketing agency needs have also changed. A few traditional marketing services providers have recognized this need and are investing in services ranging from strategy development to creative execution to media buying. In this report, we explore the evolution of this model and provide a look ahead at the new customer engagement agencies.

Mobile Testing

Testing is perceived as expensive, time consuming, and often considered a chore. However, it’s vital that you actively do test to ensure your users have a positive experience when they use your mobile apps. Mobile app testing helps identify navigation and presentation errors, controls usage problems, and provides feedback about the app’s general appeal and engagement level.

Online to Offline

If you can prove direct cause and effect between online marketing and the offline channels that still account for more than 90% of U.S. commerce, you will have done your client an enormous service. Plus, when you consider that high percentage, you have a pretty compelling reason to gain insights into what drives consumers to purchase offline, provided you have a marketing attribution solution that can connect the dots.

Content Creation

Consumers are driven to make their purchase decisions by a number of elements that exert various levels of influence, including psychological, cultural and social factors. Price, convenience, favorable shipping costs or speed may also be influencers. But in today’s digital economy with social media and mobile as two of its primary engines, information, and more specifically content, seems to be wielding considerable sway in the consumer decision-making process.

Testing & Optimization

Embracing testing helps you make better business decisions. It also helps your marketing team proceed with greater confidence, as your target audience helps you decide the appropriate direction to take. In this white paper you’ll see why a well-thought-out testing plan can make a quantifiable difference in your business.