Brand Protection and Market Intelligence

Comprehensive market intelligence uncovers ways your channel partners can best use advertising dollars to reach and engage customers. The Ansira Edge℠ Brand Protection and Market Intelligence module helps your brand understand how to manage advertising price for all channels, while spotlighting redundancies and effective spend.


By monitoring channel partner and brand competitor activity, you can optimize your advertising budget across markets and partners and increase profit margins for the enterprise.

Key Benefits

Illuminate Pricing and Positioning

Compare your brand to competitors to uncover strategic advantages, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.

Monitor Marketing Initiatives

Closely monitor sales and marketing activities at the local level to ensure participation, adherence to brand standards, and program compliance.

Manage Local Advertising

Understand how channel partners and their competitive sets are advertising in local markets across traditional and digital media.

What Can Ansira Edge Do for You?

More Features

  • Minimum advertising price monitoring
  • Online product serial tracking
  • Authorized dealer management
  • Share-of-voice analysis
  • Pre- and post-launch monitoring
  • Local usage monitoring by market, brand, or products
  • Digital media monitoring (video, search, and ads)
  • Traditional media monitoring (newspaper, FSI, and direct mail)
  • Retail audits

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