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Technology is a substantial marketing investment, so picking the right platform is one of the more important — and anxiety-ridden — decisions you have to make. The landscape is vast. Solutions are multifaceted. There’s legacy tech to consider so you don’t have to scrap everything and start over. What seems like a good idea today may prove insufficient tomorrow. As marketers, consultants, and practitioners, we get what you’re going through — and how to solve for it.


Technology Independence

To meet your business goals, you need flexible platforms that connect data, content, and customer experiences. Because we are technology-independent, we base recommendations on your needs, not vendors. And we don’t just talk about it; we do it.

Recognized as strong performers in customer database and engagement, our specialized teams architect solutions using top-tier martech in analytics, media, customer-relationship management (CRM) and database, and web development — from the ground up or within your existing stack. We stick around after installation to be sure you get what you paid for. Plus, we prioritize continuous training and certification so our skills stay sharp:

Adobe: Platinum Solution Partner

Salesforce: Marketing Cloud-certified Strategic Consulting Partner

    • Solution Expertise
        • Marketing Cloud, Journey Builder
        • Custom Sales and Service Cloud Integrations
        • Deep Expertise with Distributed Marketing Models

Oracle CrowdTwist: Loyalty Strategic Technology Partner


Service Models to Suit

Outsourcing can be tricky. With us, it’s not. We offer adaptable service models and phased approaches that support immediate and long-term needs. You can start with a full-service engagement and transition into hybrid or self-serve mode as your needs and comfort level evolve. Because they always do.

Martech Consulting

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Database Builds

Data Execution and Management

Web Development

Martech Consulting

Our plan is simple: Guide you to a future state of full data and technology integration, brand ownership of major functions, and transparency for all key stakeholders. In other words, we take the work off your hands, treat your business as our own, and make it easy for you to bring it in-house later, if that’s the goal. We take the following steps:

  • Hold discovery sessions and stakeholder interviews to understand business needs 
  • Conduct technology audit of legacy systems to identify areas for improvement, including eliminating waste and redundancies 
  • Create a road map for filling in gaps or implementing new martech solutions 
  • Enable marketing orchestration across channels with cloud providers or best-in-breed architectures 

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