Customer Experience and Loyalty

Treat loyalty like a mission, not a program.

Loyalty is harder than ever to come by. Disruptors and new technologies have forever altered the customer experience. Empowered buyers demand more every day. And they’ll gladly ditch you if some other brand meets their expectations better than you do.


This is the world we live in. So it’s not enough to be a company with a loyalty program. As leading research and advisory firm Forrester puts it, your brand has to “be a loyalty company.” That means prioritizing the experience over loyalty program mechanics, having a single source of truth about your customers, and implementing technology that enables richer interactions. Loyalty is an effect, the sum total of someone’s experiences with your brand. It can’t be measured by points. You have to see every customer as a potential evangelist.

Experience Planning

Loyalty Program Design

Loyalty Platform Development

Multichannel Communications

Experiential Marketing

Analytics and Insights

Experience Planning

To evolve into a loyalty company, you need to understand who your customers are, how they engage with your brand, what they expect, and where they are in their purchase cycles. The customer experience is a system of dynamic interactions, not a linear journey that begins with enrollment and ends with advocacy.

Using data as the foundation, you can drive behavioral and emotional loyalty through a combination of structured, formal loyalty programs and unstructured engagement initiatives. We understand that, which is why Forrester recognizes Ansira as a strong performer in loyalty services. Aligned with Forrester’s vision, our loyalty strategies are designed around four essential pillars:

  • Achieve loyalty beyond the program
  • Deliver on the customer experience
  • Inspire emotional connections
  • Ensure local relevance
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