Data and Insights

Unlock actionable truths and democratize at scale.

We believe in the power of data and in the importance of actionable and consent-based data. Our teams help you activate your data across best-of-breed technologies and architectures to power customer-centric programs.

Enterprise Data Supply ChainTM 

Ansira’s “Enterprise Data Supply Chain” approach solves your end-to-end marketing data problems through consolidated, quality and accessible data and modernized data science.

Problems we solve

  • Understand your data and how to leverage it with your customers.
  • Get a unified view of your customer interactions and touch points.
  • Monetize your data and stay compliant with your tech stack.
  • Predict your business, increase sales, and confirm your marketing dollars are working.

Strategic Partnerships

We partner with leading MarTech providers to deliver relevant and accessible data solutions needed to plan, execute, and measure marketing performance​.

Data Strategy + Architecture

Data Engineering

Data Monetization + Governance

Experience Analytics

Data Strategy + Architecture

Understand your customer data, identify and fix issues to create a stronger data strategy and solid architecture.

Data Analysis, Data Visualization & Anomaly Detection
Helping clients understand their disparate data, visualize the data and detect any anomalies before it is used.

Data Quality, NCOA And Email Address
Helping clients fix the data quality, support data hygiene like NCOA and email address validation.

3rd Party Data Appends
Helping clients build customer intelligence through 3rd party offline data appends through Acxiom, V12 and Melissa Data.

Logical Data Model Design
Build customer-centric data models that cover all customer subject areas (contact, web behavior, offline etc.)

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