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We cut through the clutter.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with messages, most of which are easy to ignore. Why? Because those messages aren’t relevant to that person in that moment.

Ansira helps relationship and channel marketers avoid this pitfall by connecting the dots between brand needs and customer wants. We use data-driven media activations — at the brand and local levels — as an extension of customer-relationship management (CRM) to deliver remarkable results. By targeting specific audiences, and tailoring the message to the channel and environment, we can capture customers’ attention and inspire action.

With brand-to-local experts in display, paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, television, and print, we take this targeted approach for both digital and traditional media. We plan, buy, and optimize national and local media across the entire marketing funnel, matching client goals to the right channels for maximum impact.

Data Drives Everything

Media plays a critical role in closing the gap between your brand’s promise and your customers’ expectations.​ But you can’t meet their expectations if you don’t know who — or where — they are.

We start by gathering first-, second-, and third-party data. Next, we segment the data and create models to find prospects likely to convert to new customers. We use those insights to carefully craft content for each group and phase of the journey. Then we deliver those messages with precision. Geotargeted media focused only on relevant areas — whether digital or traditional — increases effectiveness.

Test and Learn — Then Test and Learn Some More

We take a test-and-learn approach to media, measuring and optimizing at the campaign level to drive tangible business results. We don’t bother with vanity metrics. Instead, we focus exclusively on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales, return on ad spend (ROAS), and net profit to determine if a campaign is effective.

Because we allocate a dedicated team member to each account, we can respond quickly to results reporting by shifting dollars, audiences, channels, or versions for the best possible outcomes.

Local Media Activations

Because customer experiences are local, those interactions matter most in the Expectation Age — and they must be up to brand standards. As experienced brand-to-local media experts, we enable channel marketers to activate brand-approved online and offline marketing campaigns through an all-in-one technology solution.

Ansira Edge Technology SuiteSM, automates media buying and execution through API connections to media publishers, partners, and fulfillment houses. Campaigns — whether branding or promotional — can be funded by the brand, purchased with co-op or market development funds (MDF), or paid outright by the channel partner.

Local digital media activation also requires world-class partners, because search and social media have never been more important. Ansira has them:

  • As one of only 120 Google Partners, Ansira has exclusive access to Google beta products.
  • Ansira is one of only 15 global companies with Elite Agency status with Bing.
  • Facebook engineers work with Ansira to identify and develop ongoing automation and business solutions for our platforms.

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