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CRM and Loyalty Marketing

We turn customers into evangelists.

Customer-relationship management (CRM) and loyalty programs create opportunities to build your customer base, grow brand value, and improve profits. Ansira takes those programs one step further by devising a strategy for seamless experiences across brand and local channels that turn everyday patrons into extreme loyalists.

With transparency and control across marketing and sales channels — and cohesive customer interactions across the entire marketing ecosystem — you not only find new customers and reward existing customers, but you also build meaningful, lasting relationships.

Recognized as a strong performer in “The Forrester Wave™: Customer Database and Engagement Agencies, Q2 2018,” Ansira has experts in customer experience planning, loyalty program design, database services, analytics, martech integrations, website and mobile app development, and channel-specific communication such as social media and email. And we’re as fanatic about improving your business as you want your customers to be about your brand.

A Single Source of Truth

CRM starts with data. When you integrate brand data with local channels, you create satisfying experiences that keep customers coming back. Add centralized intelligence and decision-making, and the result is a single source of truth and interaction with your customers — and timely, relevant messaging that makes an impact, whether through your company’s website, social media channels, or email marketing campaigns.

Now imagine if that single source of truth were delivered to your channel partners so they could better market to your customers — and they, in turn, could send their customer data back to you. That’s what happens with through-channel marketing automation (TCMA), which is another one of our specialties.

Beyond the Loyalty Program

In the Expectation Age, brands have to think bigger than rewards for purchases. Loyalty can’t be accomplished through a single program or platform. There has to be a comprehensive, data-driven strategy across channels to create cohesive communication and experiences that drive retention, foster engagement, and build brand advocacy.

When you use data and decisioning to personalize experiences, you generate emotional connections and customer allegiance. We understand that, which is why Forrester recognized Ansira as a loyalty agency in “Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2018.”

Martech Makes It Happen

No CRM or loyalty program is possible without marketing technology. But it’s never as simple as picking a vendor and implementing an out-of-the-box solution.

At Ansira, we’re practitioners, not just consultants. We’re marketers, not just technologists. And we’re strategic partners, not just vendors. We aim to guide your brand to a future state of full data and technology integration, ownership of major marketing functions, and transparency for all key stakeholders​.

We start with stakeholder interviews to understand your business needs. Then we conduct a technology audit of legacy systems to assess your brand’s current state and identify areas for improvement, including ways to eliminate waste and redundancies. From there, we put together a road map with recommendations for filling in the gaps or implementing best-in-breed martech solutions.

Because we take a technology-independent approach, our recommendations are based on client needs, not vendors. So when you work with Ansira to acquire, grow, and retain high-value customers, you’re not tied to one marketing technology. Our experts have experience with the top martech players in analytics, media, CRM, database, and web development. We are proud to be the largest independent marketing firm with business-level partnerships with Adobe and Salesforce.

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