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Savvy Search Engine Marketing Drives $1.5 Billion in Sales for Domino’s


Pizza chains face heavy competition, particularly when it comes to capturing online sales. Although Domino’s had strong brand recognition, it ranked low in search results. As a result, the pizza giant was losing out on significant sales to the local competition, because Domino’s wasn’t where digitally savvy customers expected them to be.


Domino’s executive leadership wanted to transform the brand from a pizza chain to an e-commerce company that sells pizza. To support this goal, Ansira developed a comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) strategy to put Domino’s at the top of search listings — and squarely in view of hungry diners.

The team created a robust, authoritative site ( focused on capturing the attention of customers searching with geo-specific keywords on mobile devices. Ansira continuously monitored, tested, and optimized to improve organic rankings and conversion. Additionally, by managing store data, our experts improved the accuracy of local listings, ensuring more seamless customer experiences and driving online and offline traffic.

Finally, Ansira supported several marketing and sales initiatives through paid search campaigns, such as group ordering, preordering, app downloads, and loyalty enrollments. The work paid off in more than $1.5 billion in sales driven exclusively by SEM. In 2018, Domino’s became the global market pizza leader, a full two years ahead of its 2020 goal.

Our Results

$1.5+ billion

Sales revenue driven by SEM


Improvement in year-over-year paid search


Decrease in cost per order


Increase in mobile orders

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