One-stop shop for all brand assets and customizable templates that enables optimization of sales events and vehicle launches at Tier 3 and local retailers.

Distributor enables marketing automation, ad builder functionality and asset management as part a “one-stop shop” for brands and their retail partners. The platform not only provides consistent access to brand-approved marketing assets and customizable templates, but also allows for the execution of these assets within channels to reach end customers at the local level. Its modular functionality accommodates extensive feature sets with a user-friendly interface for direct access.  Your dedicated customer support team also acts as a virtual extension of your sales and marketing staff for help with education/training, customer support, timely posting and maintenance of assets, email alerts to users of new content, and reporting support as needed.


Key Features/Benefits:

  • Manage brand-compliant marketing assets and templates, including reviews and approvals
  • Customize print items online, such as signage, coupon flyers, ads, point of sale, multipage documents, brochures and oversized print, outdoor boards and static web banners
  • Configure mailing service options for direct mail, such as ordering blanks, specifying postage, setting delivery date(s) and presenting recipient list options
  • Leverage corporate-provided recipient lists, upload a list or rent a list through the List Manager
  • Customize email templates online and combine with targeted lists
  • Customize and preview interactive web banners, including output into HTML5 with click-through tags
  • Enroll in ongoing campaigns which include a set list of items that will be created and fulfilled on a scheduled basis
  • Post social content with the click of a button to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Access turnkey media buying, including digital media packages and a partnership with Pandora for brands and channel partners to purchase display advertising targeted at purchase intenders
  • Set up a broadcast tag library by organization, view available tags and associate them with broadcast spots
  • View available co-op, channel, MDF or Trade Promotion funds through the platform’s integration with Localizer in order to purchase and automatically submit claims for reimbursement
  • Globalization allows for the incorporation of language and currency
  • View optimized reporting dashboards across desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Delivers consistent access to brand-approved, multi-channel marketing assets for retail partners

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