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Mobile-First for Retailers

February 13, 2019

Marketing has always been about persuading the customer to act. In the past, the focus was on the what the product or service the customer had to have, and the why they had to have it. Then, through technology and data-driven strategies, marketers became more savvy, shifting the focus to the who to determine the characteristics and preferences of the customer in order to best communicate information about the product or service (1:1 marketing); the when, so the communication could happen during the optimal time; and the where, meaning the channels to use to persuade the customer to act.

When we look back at the way marketing has evolved, this information-gathering and problem-solving foundation — collectively referred to as the five W’s was enough to establish an edge and competitive differentiator. That is, until technology zoomed ahead once again.

Now marketers have the ability to market in the moment, influencing perceptions, sales and expectations in real time. This shift relies on data-driven strategies that focus on how to immediately solve a customer’s need. For many brands, the answer to how lies in the adoption of a mobile-first approach — a plan of action that dynamically responds to the reality that mobility drives business decisions. With mobile first, brands evolve their marketing around the online and digital communications channels to reach customers in the manner they prefer — from one single moment to another.