EiQ eCRM Benchmark Report: The State of the Inbox 2021

It’s no secret that email is one of the most effective and efficient ways for brands to drive sales, lifetime value and engagement with customers. In 2020 alone, 306 billion emails were delivered around the world daily, and that number is expected to reach 361 billion by 2024. To put that figure in a global perspective, that’s 46 emails, per person, per day. With an average $42 return on investment, the impact of email marketing is undeniable. With those facts in mind, the question becomes: how do you break through a crowded inbox to increase email marketing ROI for your business?

What Does This Research Reveal?
To answer this question, Ansira evaluated over 100 emails across four industries (Banking, Insurance, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods), with the goal of establishing benchmarks and identifying critical areas of opportunity. Each brand was scored using our proprietary EiQ audit methodology, focusing on six email best practices categorized into two sub-scores: Technical Performance and Experience. These findings have now become the basis of our 2021 EiQ Industry Scoring Report, with key results including:

  • CPG leads the industries by a large margin in email marketing. In such a saturated industry, it takes a lot to break through the clutter. So the tablestakes – the things you just have to get right – are higher than some of the other industries. On top of that, CPG brands 3have to differentiate through unique experiences to grab your customers’ attention.
  • Insurance stood out for the high degree of variance (48 PP) between brands, indicating that each brand has very different degrees of maturation in email marketing.
  • Of the experience dimensions, engagement is hands down the top opportunity across all the industries. Meaning, it had the lowest cores across all of the industries because many programs are in the infancy stages of integrating functionality that helps collect zero-party data and drive deeper involvement.

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