How Brands Empower Channel Partners to Market Locally


May 18, 2018


Courtney Acuff

VP, Solution Lead, Channel Program Design & Data Services

As a Solution Lead in the Ansira Channel business unit, Courtney is focused on designing and developing partner programs for today, and tomorrow, while also leveraging the data and insights from hundreds of partner programs across automotive, technology, retail, insurance, and QSR verticals for client-specific decisioning and aggregate program trends.

Brands that rely on channel partners for local marketing efforts often face the following issues:

  • Disparate processes and programs for advertising and co-op fund management
  • A lack of visibility into partner advertising and promotional spend
  • Inadequate advertising and business rules compliance
  • Inefficient reporting and planning, which adversely affect budgeting
  • Ineffective marketing program oversight with little support

A channel marketing automation solution like the customizable, scalable Ansira Edge Technology SuiteSM helps brands support their partners when marketing at the local level. Specifically, the Ansira Edge Trade Fund Management module streamlines co-op and market funding and provides an array of advertising and promotion management services.

Learn the Local Language
As marketing shifts from a national effort to a local effort, brands have the opportunity to reach where customers are. A local approach means that offers and promotions can be personalized, reinforcing the brand messaging in a way that resonates with a particular audience segment.

Ansira Edge bridges the gap between national, regional, and local stakeholders, enabling channel partners to make smarter marketing decisions. The results are targeted, compliant advertising and promotions that reflect the true spirit of the brand and bolster marketing efforts — while also providing the channel partner with the flexibility to mold the marketing to its unique needs.

All in One Place
With Ansira Edge, channel partners can access a single unified platform for marketing fund management, which eliminates the need for multiple platforms hosted by multiple vendors. As a result, channel partners are better equipped to ensure claims are accurate, advertisements adhere to brand standards, spend is easily assessed and verified, and reimbursements can be completed with precision and accuracy.

Marketing Synergy
For global brands with channel partners, marketing is most effective when international and local brand efforts complement and reinforce each other. Brands that engage distributors and channel partners by providing them with the right tools at the right time can collect a wealth of intelligence that informs effective marketing decision-making.

Ansira Edge empowers channel marketers to:

  • Align their efforts with national brand marketing goals
  • Access the right tools (such as brand-compliant assets) and business rules to activate brand messaging locally
  • Access standardized procedures to ensure efficiency

Ansira Edge empowers national brands to:

  • Regularly review channel partner efforts
  • Adjust and optimize their overall national and international advertising spends
  • Provide local level support
  • Issue timely partner reimbursements

Clear insight into local spend also impacts planning, tracking, and evaluating trade partner spending. When a brand knows the real local performance numbers, it can better refine and focus its forecast.

Turnkey Marketing Solution
Because Ansira Edge acts as a great unifier, companies are positioned to establish effective partnerships between the manufacturer and dealers to promote the brand and develop an effective market share of voice.

Ansira’s technology also supports claim management; streamlines co-op reimbursement and the management of marketing development funds; assists with activity planning and commitments; and provides media price protection to ensure partners are advertising at the right price, through the right channels, and to the right customers. The solution also provides brands with a robust tool for budget tracking, sales incentive management, and rebate tracking.

The Ansira Edge Trade Fund Management module works seamlessly with the Channel Engagement module, which gives channel marketers access to approved brand assets and customizable templates for media buys. All of the company’s purchases can be auto paid with co-op funds.

Whether the brand wants to track local budgets, manage program compliance, or verify spend, Ansira Edge provides visibility into the entire enterprise to drive marketing and ultimately boost brand power.

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