EiQ Sponsor Spotlight: Bailey Busch of Cordial


February 4, 2021


EiQ Spotlight

Annual Event

EiQ is Ansira’s annual email marketing, CX, & loyalty conference focused on industry trends, performance, and innovation.

EiQ is around the corner, and our sponsors are just as excited as we are. Today we’re talking about the big event with Bailey Busch, Senior Client Success Manager at Cordial, a cross-channel messaging and data platform for customer-obsessed brands.

Early in his career, Busch fell in love with email because it’s like, “shipping a miniature product that you get to design, build, test and deliver — and do it all over again with all the learnings from the prior message.”

Now that he’s at Cordial, Busch works with top clients to design, architect and launch personalized messaging programs across email, mobile push, SMS and custom API solutions.

Let’s hear what he has to say about EiQ and the future of our industry.


What do you get excited about in the marketing world?
Creating unique, well-designed experiences for end customers. It’s rewarding to see good customer experiences that responsibly use customer data to surface value and generate substantial revenue for a business — a win-win.

Any advice for newcomers to the industry?
Be curious! The best people I’ve worked with ask a bunch of questions and take a posture of curiosity. There’s a ton to learn and one of the best ways to grow is to seek insights that others have learned from their experiences.

What makes your company a great match for EiQ?
Cordial is all about sending intelligent messages and we partner closely with Ansira to help several clients send out best-in-class communications.

What part of a marketing campaign is most important to driving success?
Personalization. It creates a much more relevant experience, surfaces value for the customer, and is a key driver to increased engagement. All this leads to more revenue from your programs, which is often the most important measure of success for businesses.

What’s one loyalty trend you’ve been watching lately?
Mobile wallets cards from brands seem fairly new to me. I think this trend will become a more standard practice as digital wallets take more market share and are used more widely.

Have you developed any new hobbies over the last year?
Home projects became my favorite past time during Covid! I might as well have quarantined at The Home Depot. I also started mountain biking. This was a great way to get out on the trail, get some exercise, and it’s easy to keep your distance.


Want to learn more at EiQ? Check out this year’s agenda and register today.

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