Testing & Optimization

Maintaining the status quo is no longer enough — brands need to continually advance their offerings and strategy in this competitive atmosphere. Continuous testing in order to optimize marketing strategy is now the cost of doing business. Ansira’s Analytics team has the tools and expertise to establish a test-and-learn atmosphere for our clients to improve performance.

Test, Analyze, Learn, Optimize — that’s our motto.

Ansira’s Analytics team partners with our clients to provide everything from identifying areas in which testing makes sense to forming testing hypotheses, evaluating the best testing methodology and communicating results and recommendations. We’re a team of data storytellers translating numbers into learning that drives improvements to strategies that help the bottom line.

Here’s a sampling of the testing and optimization services we currently offer:

  • A/B Testing – Testing media channels, offers, programs — you name it. We’ve tested it and compared it, and tested it and compared it again.
  • Experimental Design – Sometimes there are many factors that impact results — so many that A/B testing cannot handle it, and evaluating every single factor is not feasible. That’s where experimental design comes into play — this technique can evaluate thousands of combinations through back-end analysis that would normally take hundreds of deployments and months of testing to arrive at optimized results.
  • Conversion Optimization – Having customers start the purchase process is good; having customers complete the purchase is great. Ansira helps our clients understand the purchase funnel, start to finish, and where optimization opportunities exist.
  • Multivariate Testing – A lot goes into a website: colors, fonts, content, layout and more. Ansira can help our clients figure out which combination of variables will generate the highest impact in reaching their goals through multivariate testing.