Customer Intelligence

“Who is my customer?” “How often do they buy from me?” “How loyal are my customers?” The questions are endless when it comes to really understanding the people who engage with your brand. Ansira uses data to paint a picture of your customers and help you understand how to communicate most effectively.

Understanding your customers and what drives them to engage with your brand is critical to designing an effective marketing strategy. At Ansira, we have expertise in integrating all types of data, from primary research to the brand’s transactional data, to third-party data, all of which help clients gain deeper insight into the decisions customers make.

Below are just a few examples of how we help our clients gather customer intelligence:

  • Primary Research – Sometimes to really understand a customer, you need to be able to ask them direct questions. Ansira has experience managing focus group studies and survey research that give clients the opportunity to ask customers “Why?”
  • Customer Behavioral Analysis – Ansira dives deep into data to help clients identify the best customers, lapsing customers and how promotions impact customer purchase trends.
  • Customer Journey Reporting – Customers don’t engage in just one media channel. Ansira helps clients follow their customers from that initial online search to the request for email with more details, to the website visit when they are ready to purchase — or whatever path the customer takes to engage with the brand. Ansira is there to help clients understand what will provide the best customer experience.