Customer Engagement Planning

Aligning marketing communication strategies to business goals is an important step to success. However, where marketing magic happens — when business needs, product benefits, marketing campaigns and customer buying behaviors coincide — that is where lightning in the bottle is found. So how can marketers find these intersections of glory? By successfully mapping out customer engagement journeys. Customer engagement journeys identify the inflection points where marketers need to act.

Building Customer Engagement Journeys

Ansira builds customer engagement journeys, sometimes referred to as buying cycles, customer pathways, segment journeys, digital journeys, CRM journeys or customer touch point mapping to identify marketing opportunities. These opportunities are not always outbound communications. Usually about half of the “action” inflection points are capitalized on by marketers through data capture activities, promotion history measurements and analytical activities.

So what is a customer engagement journey? It is a visual representation of a consumer going through the activities before, during and after a purchase or brand interaction. This visual tool will often help marketing and strategy teams alike in identifying gaps in a strategy and align marketing communications with customer needs.

How does Ansira build customer engagement journeys? Although our strategist will insist they are formed in a magic cauldron filled with insights and inspiration, the simple answer is that it all starts with data. The Ansira Insights Department and the Research Department mine and synthesize consumer transactional behavior and survey data to identify key moments in a buying cycle. Many of these moments happen long before and after the purchase. The Ansira Strategy team will then determine how to best use these moments to drive desired behaviors. They then tie these moments together with analytical exercises, technology systems and marketing executions. Clients are used to validate journeys and help to align strategies with both current and future business goals.

What are the components of a customer engagement journey? Each is customized to meet the specific needs of a client segment, but there are some common elements. Each journey will have:

  • Communication campaigns/tactics
  • Data capture opportunities
  • Decision points where analytics are used to determine customer scores or a marketer’s next tactic
  • Measurement opportunities