Business Strategy

Ansira provides business strategy services to many of its clients. These services seek to transform a client’s business from one that expends its marketing dollars on traditional marketing campaigns to one that expends marketing dollars on always-on engagement marketing programs. Discrete initiatives centered on communicating one way to mass, faceless audiences would be replaced with ongoing initiatives centered on each identified consumer enjoying a brand-defining, personalized experience. Completing the transformation is challenging for any client organization. Ansira is here to help make the transition as smooth and painless as possible.

Business strategy is about moving a business from where it is today to where it needs to be to survive and thrive in the face of fierce competition, increasing regulations and adapting to customers’ ever-changing needs and desires. Getting from point A to point B is not easy for most businesses. There are almost infinite paths a business can take to get from point to point, but only a few make good sense for each business. There are many considerations and decisions to make along each path, particularly around new or different products, processes, people and technology needed to arrive at point B.

So, which path should a client take? That’s where Ansira’s Business Strategy services come in. We help clients:

  • Develop a future vision for their business
  • Specify the KPIs and performance targets that determine when clients achieve that vision
  • Catalog multiple strategic paths to achieve that future vision
  • Evaluate alternative strategic paths to select the best one
  • Develop a step-by-step, strategic plan to move the business along the best path
  • Lead implementation of the plan
  • Guide organizational change required to ensure implementation success
  • Measure and report on performance against the KPIs and targets that define the vision

Here’s a sampling of the Business Strategy services we currently offer:

  • Future Visioning Workshops – facilitation of multiple work sessions among key stakeholders to discuss, debate and define the future vision of the business
  • Business Strategy Development – creation of a documented blueprint to transition the business from where it is now to where it needs to be, with all key stakeholders buying in to the direction and plan to get there
  • Business Strategy Implementation – leadership of business transformation across the organization based on the blueprint, with Ansira’s senior professionals leading both client and Ansira staff as they execute the steps to complete the transformation
  • Change Management Leadership – execution of a process for overcoming organizational resistance to change, ensuring client employees fully adapt to changes as the future vision of the business becomes a reality