Business Intelligence

“Are we on track to hit our targets?” “Did that campaign work?” “Where should we spend incremental funds to get the best return?” “Why did visits spike last week?” Business intelligence reporting and data visualizations are critical to answering these and many more day-to-day questions that arise in the course of maximizing business performance. Ansira understands the intelligence needed to make business and marketing decisions, so we developed dashboards, scorecards and deep-dive analyses tailored to help our clients answer critical questions.

Details About Business Intelligence

Business intelligence can be approached and presented in many different ways, depending on the type of data, goals of the business and preferred tools. Ansira has experience working with all types of data and leverages the tools best suited to address clients’ particular needs. We understand that each business is unique and while we leverage best practices, we also customize reporting and analysis to provide the best solution to our individual clients.

Below are some of the ways we’ve designed solutions to help our clients maximize their results:

  • Comprehensive Dashboards – Ansira developed comprehensive business and marketing dashboards that allow clients to keep a pulse on their key business metrics, while understanding how marketing activity correlates with trends. Data is extracted from multiple sources, synthesized and transformed into visualizations, communicating weekly, monthly and YTD year-over-year trending. Results align with additional information, such as marketing calendars, to provide context to performance.
  • Weekly Scorecards – Ansira designs and produces weekly scorecards for clients that enable detailed monitoring of individual marketing channels. We help our clients identify key performance indicators and set weekly targets based on annual business goals. Scorecards measure results against targets and quickly communicate performance tracking with visual cues, such as color-banding and performance gauges. These scorecards have allowed our clients to quickly identify areas of “softening” results, prompting deep-dive analyses and strategy shifts to realign and ultimately exceed targets.
  • Individual-Store Performance Reporting – For clients with individual member locations or franchise owners participating in marketing programs, Ansira developed individual store or member-level reporting to provide these key stakeholders with information pertinent to their continued optimization of results. Ansira works with our clients to establish a framework for collecting and managing data that enables the creation and distribution of hundreds of individual performance reports. Reports communicate results for the individual stakeholders, while also providing benchmark averages for comparison in order to encourage improvement.
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Performance Reviews – While dashboards and scorecards provide data visualizations to quickly understand overall trending and identify potential areas for further analysis, monthly, quarterly and annual performance reviews provide the opportunity to take a step back, analyze results and identify key insights. These reviews provide a comprehensive view of performance, identifying successful campaigns, tactics and programs, as well as areas for improvement with recommendations for optimization.