TV, Radio, Print & OOH

We are local market experts who understand market conditions and trends. Ansira works closely with market sales representatives to stay informed of new opportunities or challenges. Our teams tirelessly research stations’ strengths and weaknesses to determine which program or daypart fits our clients’ audiences. This method provides strong media buys that reach the audience efficiently. We fearlessly negotiate media placements and use low SQAD as our benchmark for competitive CPP.

Work doesn’t stop with a finished media schedule. We continually review and upgrade our schedule for improvements. We require weekly prelogs and post summaries. This ensures schedules run properly and there are never any surprises when invoiced.

We are a nimble buying team and can get to market quickly with a new campaign. We can make creative changes within 48 hours. If the client needs to, we can get off the air with a short notice.

Data-driven conversion optimization is ever-present throughout the campaign life cycle. Market and station performances impact future campaigns in the market. If performances do or do not drive conversions, we find out why and adjust to help them perform better.


“Still the King of all Media”

Television remains the strongest medium to reach the broadest audience. Americans spend over four hours a day on average watching TV. Ansira offers the following capabilities for television:

  • Media planning and buying for U.S. national and all 210 DMAs
  • 100% managed in house from campaign planning to post analysis


  • Broadcast
  • Cable
  • Sponsorships
  • Product Placement
  • Product Endorsement
  • Added Value
  • Original Content
  • News Coverage for Event or Product

Programmatic Television

Programmatic Television offers advanced audience targeting beyond traditional age and gender. Program content is less important than the audience the program reaches. There are two methods:

Household Addressable delivers commercial messages only to the audience you select. Ads are only shown to the household in that audience and only delivered if the set-top box is on. This means zero wasted impressions.


  • Dish Network
  • New York Interconnect
  • Hulu
  • Roku

Linear Programmatic delivers audience targeting on linear broadcast and cable, providing impression-based buying for the entire campaign. Programs are purchased against their index to your audience profile.


  • Broadcast Affiliates
  • Cox
  • New York Interconnect
  • Verizon
  • Suddenlink

Advanced Targeting

  • Demographics
  • Geographics
  • Experian Consumer Segments
  • Network Restrictions
  • Program Restrictions
  • Daypart Buying


Radio reaches the broadest audience of any medium and reaches millennials better than TV. Stations have unique marketing opportunities with a strong listener database.
Ansira has the following capabilities for radio:

  • Media planning and buying for U.S. National and all 210 DMAs
  • 100% managed in house from campaign planning to post analysis


  • Terrestrial Radio
  • Segment Sponsorship
  • Talent Endorsement
  • Social Media
  • Station Streaming
  • Listening Apps
  • Added Value
  • Contesting
  • Remotes

Strategic Print

Ansira’s Print Media team creates recommendations that align with our client’s objectives. Our clients’ custom print programs consistently outperform industry averages and have proved print is a strategic tool that can maximize revenue.

Print benefits include:

  • Drive sales/trial – used to drive trial on a new product and/or combat sales declines as a reactionary measure
  • Build awareness – print works to keep brand top of mind
  • Build the brand – print works to elevate brand and product perceptions
  • Measurable results – lift in sales and redemptions offers advertisers a response-tracking mechanism that most vehicles do not

Print Channels:

  • Shared Mail – Multiple advertisements inserted within a four-page wrap distributed nationally to nonsubscribers’ homes at least one to two times a month
  • COOP – A four-color, category-exclusive, freestanding insert book that is delivered in weekend newspapers nationally at least 40 times per year.
  • Newspaper – Freestanding insert advertisements distributed in targeted newspaper zones. Run of Press (ROP) advertisements printed directly on the broadsheet newspaper with the editorial content.
  • Alternative Saturation Vehicles – Local nonsubscriber and rack-distributed print vehicles added to supplement a plan based on local store marketing or budgetary goals (example: Valpak).
  • Doorhangers – Oversized flyers made to hang on consumers’ doors in targeted areas.

Out of Home

“Reaching Customers on the Move”
Out of Home reaches more than just consumers driving on highways. It is place-based marketing that offers a creative way to reach people. Ansira has the following capabilities for Out of Home:

  • Media planning and buying for U.S. National and all 210 DMAs
  • 100% managed in house from campaign planning to post analysis


  • Bulletins
  • Posters
  • Wallscapes
  • Transit Stops
  • Transit Exterior and Interior
  • Malls
  • Airports
  • Arenas
  • Building Illumination
  • Guerrilla Marketing