Paid Search

With so many consumers turning to the internet to make a purchase, find reviews and do research, your business needs to be in the consideration set when consumers go online. A well-optimized paid search program can place your business at the forefront of consumers. Whether you want to generate quality leads or create a robust web presence, Ansira has extensive experience developing paid search campaigns across all of the top search engines.

Search engines continue to evolve over time with the intent to deliver the most relevant result to the consumer. A well thought out paid search marketing strategy should also evolve, learn and adapt to changes with the search engines. Ansira will help your company find increased efficiencies and strategic advantages through the use of technology, A/B testing and advanced AdWords script usage.

As search engines continue to limit visibility into organic search (as a means to protect consumer privacy), paid search has become more important than ever. A sound SEM strategy leverages paid and organic learnings across channels to identify opportunities. Paid search can inform organic search of keyword and page content ideas, and newly developed SEO pages can be used for testing in paid search.

Ansira’s Paid Search Capabilities:

  • Account creation/setup
  • Competitive research
  • Keyword research
  • Analytics setup
  • Ad copy development
  • Bid/budget management
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting (as needed)
  • Offline conversion tracking
  • Search engine beta participation
  • A/B testing