Training & Support

Ansira has established its business supporting the partner users within the distribution channel of hundreds of brands. This includes support at all levels of an organization hierarchy, from corporate users through the field and directly to local channel partners and their individual agencies and/or media partners. Whether serving in a white glove support capacity or as part of a broader customer-support network, Ansira’s experienced client-based teams are dedicated to driving program engagement, scale, customer satisfaction and results.

Training is paramount to the success of any solution implemented across the distribution channel, especially those dependent upon end user adoption and engagement. Ansira designs custom training and education to create awareness and excitement and give users the information they need to successfully take maximum advantage of the program and its accompanying tools and resources.

Ansira’s training programs are designed using various communication methods to ensure all levels of the organization understand the benefits and value of the program(s) and how to partner with Ansira to drive results. These may include:

In-person Training

Ansira provides live training sessions at corporate headquarters or wherever such training is desired. This training provides a high level understanding of the program(s) and outlines Ansira’s support and account management services. It assists corporate personnel in being a resource for their field team and channel partners, but is not meant to take the place of the user training or the Ansira support center.

User Webinars

Because of the cost, both in travel expenses and time away from operations, Ansira also offers user-based training via webinars for all system and program users. Ansira works with brand stakeholders to create a complete schedule of training webinars, such that the users can attend at a convenient time following the program launch.

24/7 Training Resources

In addition to the in-person training and user webinars, which are often communicated via a teaser email or postcard highlighting the program, we provide printed or digital launch brochures as well as interactive Web tutorials that can be produced and posted online for 24/7 access by the end users.

  • The launch brochure is written and designed to provide a high level “how to” or “quick steps” guide with screen shots and step-by-step instructions for use. In some cases these brochures are posted to the program website and in others they are also printed and distributed to the channel partners.
  • For the online tutorial, Ansira writes, designs and produces an interactive Web Program tutorial video that does not require a trainer to be present (either in-person or via the Web). This tutorial resides on the program platform and is available 24/7 for new personnel or those who just want a training “refresh.” It is divided into chapters, each of which is accompanied by a voiceover with timed animations to visually illustrate each point. The user is able to watch the entire tutorial from beginning to end, or choose to watch by specific chapter. Users have volume control/mute capabilities and are able to pause or play each chapter at will.

Ongoing Support

Ansira’s client-dedicated and white glove concierge support teams serve as ongoing trainers for the program, addressing questions and helping implement best practices to improve performance. They are trained to understand their client’s industry and market and are eager to help clients achieve business and marketing objectives. The Ansira support and concierge teams have a deep understanding of factors that impact local marketing, challenges the channel partners face and are able to help consult regarding marketing campaigns and media opportunities accordingly. In addition, the team provides monthly reporting and analysis to the client, delivering actionable insight to support continuous program improvement and ongoing user satisfaction.