Print on Demand & Fulfillment

Ansira’s robust print department supports over 30 brands with print on demand and fulfillment services. We are proud of our team’s over 150 years of print-based experience, and provide complete, high-quality print-based services ranging from one-off digital printing up to large run, variably-driven offset/web-based printing. Often in conjunction with our marketing Distributor solution, orders are usually produced as they are ordered, customized and shipped within 72 hours directly to the end user.

Marketing Fulfillment Technology/Platform

Our Distributor platform allows our clients’ consumer-facing entities to order and purchase printed materials online, 24/7. Ansira finds production efficiencies by blending both pre-printed and customized materials. However, the majority of our orders are produced digitally which, used in combination with our customizer tool, allows for customized messaging within the end user’s specific market while eliminating the risk of printed materials becoming outdated before they are distributed. The Distributor platform accommodates a variety of payment options, including credit card and house account. In addition, for programs that include both the Distributor platform and a Trade Promotion Management component, integration allows available co-op funds to be visible within the Distributor portal and accessible for use as a payment method on eligible items. Upon assigning co-op funds as a payment method, a claim is automatically submitted and processed, streamlining both the purchase and claim process for the end user.

Types of Fulfillment

End users can order items that include: point of sale (posters, banners, clings, table tents, floor graphics, etc.), direct mail, outdoor boards, brochures, sales materials, promotional items, vehicle wraps and more! Outside of our Distributor solutions, Ansira can also assist clients with bulk print-based services, usually in support of larger projects, in order to take advantage of economies of scale. Examples include: POS kits shipped directly to dealers/retailers, graphic standards and communication pieces to educate end users about new programs, permanent and temporary displays, brochures, training materials, binders and large-run, variably printed direct mail.

Inventory Management

When Ansira clients have on hand ─ or wish to produce ─ a large amount of printed materials, we offer our Inventory Management System allowing for efficiencies of scale. This is also used for items with complex fulfillment that would be difficult to produce in a digital environment. Our Inventory Management System allows clients to track inventory, gauge usage of specific materials (who is ordering what and when) and assist with budgetary planning for future promotions.

Other elements of the system include:

  • Immediate access to remaining inventory quantities
  • Minimum threshold notifications
  • Predetermined reorder quantities (can automatically generate a reprint order or simply alert the client via email)
  • Automatic cart “flushing,” allowing inventory to replenish if orders are not placed
  • Reporting