Marketing Automation, AD Builder & Asset Management

For clients whose retailers need consistent access to marketing assets, a marketing automation solution is crucial to maintaining control of their brand image and events.

Ansira’s proprietary platform acts as a “one-stop shop” for all brand assets and customizable templates. Our platform enables optimization of sales events and vehicle launches at Tier 3, in addition to acting as an instant connection to corporate partners. As a result, our clients maintain greater influence on usage and continuity, while retailers receive dependable access to the latest, brand-approved assets, when and where they need them.

Modular functionality accommodates extensive feature sets with a user-friendly interface:​
Asset Management

We make it easy to review and approve assets so they’re not sitting in an inbox, but in the market where they’re doing work. Our approach ensures timeliness, accuracy and scale, which are essential to manage marketing assets and templates. The asset library functionality offers access to both non-custom and custom items. Rigorous quality control checks are employed to ensure assets meet brand guidelines and standards.

Customizer Print

Customizes print items online. The user works with an optimized file as a preview, customizes and then reviews online. Customizer Print handles all types of non-interactive-based media, including signage, coupon flyers, ads, point of sale, multipage documents, brochures and oversized print, such as outdoor boards and static web banners. The final output renders to the appropriate resolution and color mode based on these specifications: 72 dpi/RGB for web-based JPGs and 300 dpi/CMYK for print-based PDFs and TIFFs. Final ads can be proportionally resized; the standard resize is +/- 25%.

Customizer Mail 

Extends Customizer Print and presents mailing service options for direct mail items: order blanks, specify postage, set delivery date and present recipient list options, including uploading a list, renting a list or any combination thereof.

Corporate Provided Lists/List Manager

Is an adjunct tool to Customizer Mail that supports management and use of corporate-provided lists, either in conjunction with or in lieu of uploading and/or renting lists from a third party.

Customizer Interactive

Customize and preview interactive web banners and output to HTML5 files for inclusion into HTML-based pages. Customization may include click-through tags to other pages.

Customizer Email

Customizes email templates (such as e-newsletters) online, using the same customizer functionality used in Customizer Print and Customizer Mail. The user may upload and save email lists in List Manager, which is referenced during checkout of an email order. Once the order is placed, Ansira will handle distribution of a test email, followed by the actual email on behalf of the user and provide tracking reporting after distribution.

Integration with Co-Op, Channel, MDF or Trade Promotion Programs

Seamlessly ties the platform with co-op applications together where a user may view fund balances, purchase with co-op funds, automatically submit claims for reimbursement and connect directly between each system for more information.


Incorporates language and currency into the core product. While US-English and USD are defaults, other languages and currencies are available.

Broadcast Tag Library

Ability to set up a broadcast tag library by organization. Users can view available tag(s) and associate them with broadcast spots, which are ordered so the appropriate tag can be placed by the fulfillment vendor prior to issuing the final version of the spot.

Campaign Manager

Enroll in a campaign that includes a set list of items that will be created and fulfilled on a scheduled basis. As general creative is locked down, user profile information can be used to personalize the items. Meanwhile, recipient lists can be supplied by the user via List Manager or by the administrator.

Social Publishing

Our community managers input social posts to the Distributor platform, which will trigger emails to end users. Those end users can post the content straight from the email or go through the Distributor platform and customize the content prior to posting. We provide posting ability to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with a click of a button.


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