Local Online Marketing Activation

Ansira offers a custom media-based web portal that allows for decentralized companies to consolidate marketing efforts and publish localized advertising across multiple digital channels. We are able to provide local market support across a range of verticals and unique client situations, including:

  • Manufacturers looking to support local dealers/distributors
  • Franchise modeled companies with a national advertising presence
  • Coordinating budgeting/messaging strategies across regional business units of large organizations
  • Business-to-business-to-consumer-based marketing models to execute efficient, localized co-op advertising

The portal aggregates all necessary information to generate dynamic landing page contact that includes primary/ancillary offers along with an automatic store locator and other pertinent localized contact. That information is also routed through programmatic media buying teams that place in-market messaging at a targeted radius around each location. Campaigns can be executed across search, display and social media channels for maximum reach and frequency within the designated market, and messaging is tailored for each market as needed.