Local Media & Social

Delivering the right message at the right time to a prospective customer relies on knowing where they’re located just as much as it should consider knowing how ready they are to buy. Being able to convey that you not only have the product or service that they’re looking for but also are in close proximity to them could be the different between someone deciding to engage with your brand.

For that reason, Ansira’s local marketing expertise allows us to create marketing plans and strategies that reflect this local connection within your Paid Search and Social Media. Whether your company has 100 locations or 5,000, being able to speak to prospective customers in a way that shows that you’re part of the neighborhood even if your brand is all over the country or all over the world.

Our local Paid Search offering starts with taking the time to understand how your company organizes its different stores internally. Regardless if you do it via region, district, state or otherwise we can ensure that our structure reflects your internal organization to make reporting consistent and actionable. Once the account structure has been developed the underlying campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads are built for scale and flexibility. Ad extensions are included within these campaigns to further tie information about your locations with where the user is located. Having this alignment helps drive click-through rates (CTRs), better quality scores and subsequently more efficient performance from your local Paid Search spend.

Social media is an important channel that can impact someone’s decision to consider your company and may also serve as a way for customers to provide feedback post-purchase. In either case, Ansira possesses local paid and organic Social expertise to help your brand connect with people across various social media platforms. We provide everything from advertising creative development to analyzing your customer data to better align creative and messaging to where a user is and any purchase signals they be exhibiting.

Combined together, brands are able to interact with customers in a way that feels familiar to them and is a reflection of each location’s commitment to provide a positive customer experience. Ansira prides itself on being a local marketing partner whose goal is to drive our client’s business forward.