Experiential Marketing

Real connection is what we all crave, and experiential marketing creates opportunities to come together in person for live, immersive, memorable experiences. When data and intelligence inform events, the results are authentic brand interactions your customers or business partners feel good about, remember, and share. With this approach, you invoke positive associations, whether through meetings that educate, trade shows that build business, or festivals that forge lasting friendships.

Our experiential marketers plan and execute B2B and B2C events of every size, all around the United States and Canada. They are big-picture creative forces and details-obsessed task masters. They are great listeners, innovative thinkers, and fun people to work with. Their passion is matched only by their ability to think on their feet and outside the box. In short, they know how to create a program from start to finish, generate a buzz, and deliver a wow.


Strong internal and external communications are key for attendance and execution – and that generates intended results. You can rely on our planners to build awareness before an event, keep attendees informed during, and follow up with them afterward in the following ways:

  • Email
  • Direct mail
  • Microsite
  • Mobile app
  • Social media
  • Live streaming
  • Survey

Venue Sourcing

The right location is essential for engaging attendees in an appropriate way. Whereas one type of event calls for a racetrack, another requires a beachside ballroom. Our team excels at determining the best location in general and assessing specific places and spaces. They’re also experts at negotiating contracts and working with venue personnel to create a seamless experience for both you and your audience.

Event Planning

Memorable design, exciting activities, efficient transportation, food and drink, permits and paperwork — these things don’t just happen. Event planning is a complex process that requires a team of people, targets, tools, and the ability to foresee challenges and solve problems. Our planners know how to get it done, beginning to end and beyond.

On-Site Activation

It’s not enough to plan awesome activities and then get people to attend an event; you have to spark imagination and enthusiasm around those activities to leave a lasting impression. In addition to concept and setup, our team can be on-site to encourage participation and ensure everyone is satisfied with how they spend their time and energy.

Inventory Management

An event involves many moving parts — and moving many parts. Not only do we coordinate with your team for event inventory, but we also have relationships and processes that allow us to efficiently procure, track, and maintain items sourced from outside vendors. In addition, we provide creative (copywriting and design) and print services for branded collateral such as signage and banners, brochures and programs, event badges and giveaways, maps and much more.


All of the above comes down to resource management. Organizing the details of moving people and things in and out of places can be a supreme undertaking. Not just any marketing agency has the systems and skills to do it — but we do.

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