Marketing Technology Consulting

Platform Assessment

We’ve built a practice around marketing technology, which spans a number of disciplines, in order to partner with our clients and help guide them through the marketing technology landscape. Upon initial engagement with clients, we conduct a series of discovery sessions and stakeholder interviews to better understand the current state in which they’re working and assist with document requirements.

Technology Evaluations

Oftentimes, there are holes in the current technology suite and/or vendors with which our clients aren’t satisfied, and Ansira is leveraged as an independent expert in order to evaluate vendors on their behalf. We follow a rigorous process, in which we review available technologies against requirements and test through detailed demos and hands-on POCs before we produce final recommendations.

Implementation Road Maps

We utilize Ansira’s Engagement Marketing Trajectory framework in order to measure a brand’s marketing maturity and desired level of customer engagement by leveraging outputs of the platform assessment, technology evaluations and then partnering with our Strategy team. We then compare the client’s current state against this strategic vision, and we are able to collaboratively generate plans to help best size our client’s environments.

Marketing Cloud Integration

It is all the buzz these days. Single-stack technology suites enable marketing automation across the enterprise within cloud-based suites of products. We enable marketing orchestration across channels not only with cloud providers, but also with best-in-breed architectures in which integration is key to success. Ansira is technology-independent, matching the most appropriate technologies with our client’s requirements and marketing goals.