Database Builds

Database Development

We are masters at integrating disparate data sources and building actionable customer databases for our clients. Transparency is key for us. As part of the database build, we produce detailed documentation, including business requirements, data flow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) and data dictionaries, which provides our clients visibility into their database and available attributes.

Data Enrichment

We “round out” our client’s first-, second- and third-party data with additional intelligence, such as advanced analytics, segmentation and data modeling, as well as calculated measures and attributes to create the most robust data set possible.

Database Management

We can manage databases for our clients as an ongoing engagement. We’ll monitor all processing, including functions such as ETL/API updates, data integrity and syncing processes. We can do this wherever our clients prefer, such as in the cloud, our environment or on premise at client locations as an extension of their IT teams.

Database Integration

We believe databases are valuable assets meant to be used. Therefore, we can also integrate these consolidated single sources of truth databases with external systems and platforms, such as Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Email Service Providers (ESPs), call centers, Lead Management platforms, etc., to be used across the organization.