Data Strategy

Data Audit

At the forefront of any engagement, we first take inventory of all data assets, starting with first-party data in order to determine what data entities a specific client has access to — whether already consolidated into a data store or all living in disparate sources. We then extend the discovery to any second-party data from partners and affiliates. Finally, we overlay publicly available third-party data to strengthen data assets.

Data Strategy and Planning

Once we have a clear understanding of the available client data, we outline a data strategy around additional data capture opportunities, data quality improvements, enrichment sources and activation channels. In terms of data sourcing, we are data-independent, in that we have no hidden motive or interest in data sets. We provision the most relevant sources for our client’s goals and requirements and leverage in-house copies of both Acxiom and Experian, supplementing with additional specialty-list vendors when needed.

Data Road Map

We then create a road map for executing the outlined data strategy, including short-, mid- and long-term solutions.