Program Design & Management

Ansira customer loyalty program expertise includes:

  • Omni-Channel Experience
  • Robust and Profitable Program
  • Flexible and Expandable Program

In their infancy, loyalty programs were designed to reward members for simply transacting with a brand on a regular basis. However, loyalty programs have evolved over the years into much more. Ansira’s loyalty programs are now the key catalysts to gaining information on both a business and its program members. Ansira’s programs allow companies to run their businesses more efficiently and interact with their members, delivering the right message at the right time on the right channel.

Ansira’s loyalty program can shed light both on areas of our client’s programs that are not working efficiently and areas that are exceeding expectations. Our analysis can find smaller trends in specific groups of members or stores that can be transferred nationwide. Ansira constantly tests different strategies with smaller segments of members. We use the learnings to shed light on offers that are working with certain segments of members and make small tweaks to engage other segments with minimal change and effort.

Ansira’s Loyalty Capabilities:

  • Full Existing Program Audit
  • Program level
  • Data and technology level
  • Full Program Design
  • Discovery
  • Definition
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Program Redesign and Launch
  • Full-program audit
  • Redesign and launch
  • Phase out existing program