Email Marketing

Ansira leverages subscriber metrics from its own internal warehouse, client data stores and an array of real-time response channels to deliver precisely targeted messages that drive results.

IP Warming

Ansira partners with clients to help optimize their sender reputation from Day 1.

  • Lay the technological foundation for successful delivery, taking advantage of authentication technologies such as DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and carefully defining a hierarchy of IP addresses via a Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  • Define and execute precise IP warming strategies that introduce new delivery patterns to the major ISPs in a systematic way
  • Monitor results in real time in order to detect and mitigate bottlenecks as they arise

Data Integration

  • Work with Technical Services to optimize the flow of data into and out of the client’s email service platform of choice
  • Configure data loads that drive strategic messaging, along with corresponding feedback loops that propagate updates and response data

Deliverability Analysis/Remediation

  • Build relationships with ISPs to assist in email deliverability
  • Monitor email response channels to spot deliverability issues and address them as they emerge
  • Work with clients to ensure that they are reaching their most engaged subscribers

HTML Development with Responsive Design Expertise

  • Leverage CSS technology to optimize readability across all major desktop and mobile platforms
  • Integrate business rules with customer data to deliver dynamic content that addresses specific subscriber needs and lifecycle stages

Communication Automation/Customer Journey Development

Automations may be driven by:

  • Scheduled data updates and deployments
  • API updates to target lists and tables
  • Direct monitoring of specific data sources
  • Ansira’s Orchestration platform

Automations may execute a single action or may drive a series of events over the course of many weeks or months.

Technology Integrations with Various Platforms

  • Web properties
  • CRM platforms
  • Real-time decision engines

Support Multichannel Content Delivery

  • Email tailored for optimal display on desktop and mobile clients
  • SMS messages sent at a given schedule or in response to customer interaction with a mobile device
  • Push notifications that appear on user devices