Direct Mail

Ansira activates and models first-, second- and third-party data to drive and enrich all direct mail strategies for our clients. Our strategic application of predictive models and customer segmentation to direct mail leads to stronger performance and results than the status quo. Direct mail creative is tailored to every customer behavior and segment. The right use of data and intelligence combined with individualized relevant content makes direct mail today an extremely effective channel.

We have several relationships with top data vendors as well as working with our client’s agencies and partners providing expertise on ensuring efficient data capture, processing and consolidation to facilitate insights for continuous learning and optimization for every campaign. Our highly targeted direct mail platform that is based on customer modeling and store locations has consistently improved performance metrics at the local-level.

Our comprehensive solutions for world-class brands include fulfilling billions of direct mail pieces annually and provide the best direct mail strategies to reach targeted customers and increase ROI.

Here’s a sampling of other mail/print services we currently offer:

  • Comprehensive Print Planning – Includes negotiating with our print partners and leveraging Ansira’s print volume to insure that our client’s get the most competitive rates, best custom print products and shortest timelines.
  • Audience Targeting – Providing a strategic profile recommendation by evaluating each store’s print coverage using an Integrated Media Optimization targeting tool that combines automation, advanced algorithms, and best practices of local media planning. Targeting capabilities include sub-zip code level, demographic, competitive blunting, consumer buying power variables and targeting activity potential variables. Additional data resources that can be appended the profile include MRI, Scarborough, Nielsen, and Sharpshooters.
  • Creative – Full creative and versioning services are available.
  • Flawless Execution – We work with our print partners to place all orders and track them to through completion to insure program success.
  • Measurement & Improvement – Insight and reporting are in place to track results and optimize future performance.