Analytics and Insights

Storytelling is powerful stuff. But what story should you tell? To whom? And when? Because different people have different needs at different moments, the most effective marketing is the result of examining and interpreting data — and then testing to optimize messaging, timing, and media mix to achieve better outcomes. Test, analyze, learn, optimize — that’s our motto.

By probing further and questioning everything, we unearth business intelligence, customer intelligence, and marketing intelligence that helps you tell the right stories to the right people at the right time. We obsess over your business and your customers to advise you on the marketing strategies and technologies that enable you to enjoy the fruits of your labors through growth and profits.

Data Analysis

Data is easy to come by, but it’s of no use to you if it’s inaccurate or otherwise compromised. The veracity of your data is what drives our analysts. With a solid grasp of your business and customers, a technical understanding of your database, and an inquisitive nature, our data analysts become the bridge between our data services and insights teams.

Our analysts look for anomalies, investigate their causes, find their remedies, and translate their importance to the business. When they see something, they say something. And then they make sure it gets fixed.

Insights and Reporting

What happened? Why did it happen? How can you do it better? These are the types of questions our insights team answers every day, whether they’re tracking website activity, decoding social media metrics, determining the effectiveness of a recent loyalty email promotion — or all of the above.

When you understand the impact of your marketing efforts, you’re better equipped to make business decisions for short- and long-term gains. Based on data types, key performance indicators (KPIs), and your preferred tools, we bring business intelligence to life through detailed reports and data visualizations:

  • Comprehensive dashboards that synthesize data from multiple sources
  • Weekly scorecards that provide a snapshot of an individual marketing channel
  • Local store performance reports for corporate-owned or franchised locations
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual performance reviews that put all your marketing efforts into view and context

But we don’t stop there. When we see opportunity for improvement, we partner with our cohorts in strategy to formulate test plans. Once that’s settled, we work with email, media, and direct mail delivery teams to put those test plans into place. When data from the test plan starts rolling in, the cycle begins again.

Data Science

So you’ve collected a mountain of first-, second-, and third-party data. Now what? Our data scientists dig through it to extract the most meaningful information and determine not just whom to talk to but how and when to talk to them. With these predictive models, you can refine your targets, content strategy, and media mix to improve every experience along the customer journey:

  • Prospect clone modeling to address whom to engage
  • Segmentation to address how to engage with them
  • Retention modeling to address when to engage with customers about to leave
  • Experimental design to address the most effective combination of ways to engage

Tech Savvy

Our technology independence means the tools we use are based on your business requirements, not our vendor alliances. But that requires mastery of multiple platforms, which is why we’re continually learning, training, and attaining certifications. We have expertise in the following technologies:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Adobe Analytics (specialized partner)
  • Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM)
  • Adobe Target
  • Tealium Tag Manager

Notably, many of our technical analytics capabilities have evolved out of client needs. To ensure quality reporting, our insights pros set up site tags for general web analytics as well as media and email campaigns. We also work with our user experience (UX) experts on Adobe Target implementations to maximize our clients’ investment in testing and personalization initiatives. We have found that better data comes out when those tasked with analyzing it also handle how and where it’s captured.

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