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Logan Flatt

SVP, Strategy

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Logan works with senior marketing executives to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing expenditures to achieve profitable revenue growth that exceeds performance targets. He leads a team of strategic thinkers who help our clients use data and intelligence to make their marketing smarter and better at generating period-over-period gains in sales and profits. Logan has been consulting with large corporations across multiple industries for more than 20 years. Prior to joining Ansira in 2010, he was president, ROI solutions, at Tribal Worldwide, a part of Omnicom. He started his career in management consulting, working for Accenture and Willis Towers Watson. As a financial expert, he has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst professional designation and is a member of CFA Institute.
Blockchain Startups Offer Promise for the Marketing Industry

By Logan Flatt | July 25, 2018

Blockchain Startups Offer Promise for the Marketing Industry

Some marketing leaders are questioning if they should participate in one of many new private blockchains. That decision should be made only after careful consideration.

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