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David Pierpont

SVP, Performance Media

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David leads Ansira’s performance media department, which includes social media, display, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid search. Before taking on his current SVP role, he was in charge of the social media team, with an emphasis on strategy and data-driven results. He’s an accomplished social media practitioner and strategist with experience in a variety of sectors, from business and sports to nonprofits and federal government. Prior to joining Ansira, David was the assistant director of social media operational programs for a defense contractor. He developed the first social media monitoring program for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which was featured in USA Today. While at the National Wildlife Federation, he developed strategies for online community development and advocacy campaigns; consulted on digital communication, structure, and new media; and developed the organization’s first ambassador program for high-profile spokespeople. He also worked in startups and co-founded an online college sports community and news network.
Can Creative and Data Peacefully Coexist?

By David Pierpont | June 8, 2018

Can Creative and Data Peacefully Coexist?

As lovers of both creativity and data, we see the value of using intelligence to shape marketing — but not at the cost of imagination and spark.

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