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Ben Brown

AVP, Technical Strategy

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Ben firmly believes in the power of communicating with people, rather than cookies or devices. He also respects the power of machine learning but finds that the best marketing is actually a mix of art and science. Computers are great at telling you what to say to whom, but a human knows the right way to say it. Empathy is the differentiator. With this in mind, Ben helps leading brands transform their marketing technology stacks to accomplish this unique blend of intelligent yet thoughtful people-based communication. Ben went to school for way too long and, as a result, holds a law degree and Master of Business Administration from Texas Tech University and two bachelor's degrees from Southern Methodist University.
The Sleeping Ad Giant

By Ben Brown | July 20, 2018

The Sleeping Ad Giant

With AT&T’s recent acquisition of AppNexus, it appears the tech giant is moving into a strategic position to gain market share — and possibly disrupt the digital ad space.

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