As B2C marketers contemplate new, more agile tools to replace their legacy marketing resource management (MRM) solutions, they must navigate a fragmented landscape with vendors that offer overlapping functionality. To help aid in their decision-making, Forrester released a report titled “Vendor Landscape: Marketing Resource Management (October 20, 2017).”

In the report, Forrester analysts categorize providers that address the most common MRM use cases and provide recommendations for B2C marketers considering MRM investments.

Ansira is listed among vendors who offer comprehensive, end-to-end MRM solutions and performance management. As with many agencies in the MRM space, Ansira is a relatively small specialist, with revenues between $50 million and $55 million. The report references companies such as North Face, Schneider Electric, and Subaru, which Ansira has worked with for channel and franchise marketing.

“Vendor Landscape: Marketing Resource Management (October 20, 2017)” is available for download on