Turning large customer data sets into consumable and actionable insights can be a difficult undertaking, regardless of where a company may fall on the maturity spectrum. Customer analytics service providers are the partners called upon to help companies improve their insights at any given scale – from solidifying a data foundation, to model development and deployment, to embedding insights into customer experiences.

To help decision makers identify the best provider option for their company’s needs and understand the value they can expect, Forrester released “Now Tech: Customer Analytics Service Providers, Q2 2021.” The report looks at diverse variables in this vendor landscape, categorizing them first by size, then providing a further breakdown by functionality and other capabilities.

The report segments functionality of the customer analytics service providers market in the following ways:

  • Data Integrators: These firms help you pursue the elusive 360-degree customer view and are repositioned as advanced analytics providers. Their teams are often made up of data engineers and data scientists who excel at the challenges associated with customer data unification and management.
  • Data science specialists: These firms focus on classic and emerging analytical use cases, mastering the essential alchemy of customer analytics. They are most likely to have a dedicated analytics practice, while also employing industry experts to translate problems into data-driven solutions.
  • Strategy and engagement generalists: These firms bridge the gap between insights and action, with strong decision support and change management capabilities. Vendors in this segment are most likely to be strategic consultancies and marketing agencies who have a customer analytics practice that functions as a shared capability.

Ansira, listed in the Data integrators segment, is one of 40 vendors included in this Forrester Now Tech report.

The report also notes a few considerations to help decision makers differentiate service providers in such a crowded market. These include leveraging vendors’ productized solutions, inquiring about flexible pricing or engagement models, and looking for vendor case studies with quantifiable results related to their needs.

Now Tech: Customer Analytics Service Providers, Q2 2021” is available for download to Forrester subscribers or for purchase.