To realize success from a strategic loyalty marketing program, brands must make a concerted, ongoing effort to deliver the offers, rewards, and content that are relevant to their customers. This mission requires a partner that can create, manage, and execute the loyalty program, as well as analyze and optimize results.

To help decision makers identify the best loyalty marketing partner for their brands, Forrester analysts released “Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2018.” The report looks at the variables of a diverse set of vendors, first categorizing them by loyalty marketing revenue and then dividing them further based on capabilities.

The report categorizes the firms in the following ways:

  • Loyalty technology platforms: These are the firms that offer the technology brands need to power their loyalty programs. Some offer supporting services.
  • Loyalty agencies: These are the firms that offer loyalty-specific consulting to help companies across the loyalty continuum, from market research to building programs to operational support.
  • Hybrid loyalty solutions: These are the firms that mix technology and services to offer the widest array of capabilities.

Ansira, listed as a loyalty agency, is one of 36 vendors included in the Forrester report.

The report also encourages decision makers to select a partner who will “empower you to understand what makes your loyal customers tick,” “reinvent your loyalty value proposition,” and “measure the emotional loyalty of your customers.”

“We’re proud of the work we’ve been doing to help our clients build loyal customer relationships across the customer engagement lifecycle,” says Mike Bradley, vice president of strategy for Ansira. “Being included in this report helps, in our opinion, to validate that Ansira has the people, processes, and technology to help our clients enable, activate, and measure customer loyalty.”

“Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2018” is available for download to Forrester subscribers or for purchase.