Forrester recently released a report titled “Now Tech: B2B Marketing Agencies, North America Q1 2019.” Researchers looked at 39 agencies to analyze the ways in which they provide B2B marketers with leading-edge expertise; execute creative content; and drive value for data, digital, and martech investments.

The purpose of the analysis is to help B2B chief marketing officers “understand the value they can expect from a B2B marketing agency and select agency partners based on size and functionality.”

Ansira is proud to be included in the large established players category. The categories were determined by B2B-specific marketing services revenue. Ansira is recognized for its core capabilities in technology, operations, and martech management; analytics and insights; and campaign design and programming.

In previously published reports, Forrester named Ansira a leader in through-channel marketing automation and a strong performer in customer experience management. Forrester also recognized Ansira in loyalty marketing.

“Now Tech: B2B Marketing Agencies, North America Q1 2019” is available for download to Forrester subscribers or for purchase.