Today Ansira released its first EiQ eCRM Benchmark Report. The report outlines the results from a recent audit of more than 100 branded emails across four industries – banking, insurance, retail, and consumer packaged goods (CPG). Using proprietary EiQ audit methodology, the emails were evaluated against six email best practices to determine how to best use email marketing to increase return on investment.

“Email marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways for brands to reach their customers, but we know the inbox is also a very crowded space” said Kelly Jo Sands, Executive Vice President of Ansira Digital. “To ensure our clients have email programs that are providing the biggest impact, Ansira is always evaluating branded email programs to continue to evolve best practices for technical performance and customer experience. Now, we have compiled these findings in our 2021 EiQ eCRM Benchmark Report to highlight the best of the best and implement these learnings to continue to innovate and optimize our client programs.”

The evaluation took place between February and April of 2021 and looked at more than 100 emails across the four industries via website signups and using Sparkpost. The goal was to determine benchmarks and to identify critical areas of opportunity based on the six email best practice dimensions – spam compliancy, functionality/accessibility, strategy, content, engagement, and user experience. Each of the best practices had between five and twenty criteria, which were equally weighted to maintain maximum objectivity. The criteria scores were averaged to calculate best-practice dimension scores, which were then averaged to deliver a total score for each brand.

Some key takeaways from the evaluation include:

  • CPG clearly stands apart from the other three industries in terms of total scores and the smallest score range between brands. Branded emails in the CPG category tend to engage customers with unique content and user experiences, along with greater personalization.
  • Insurance had the highest degree of difference between brands, which indicates that brands have varied levels of maturity in email marketing. Insurance also took the lead in technical performance, with two-thirds of the brands in the eightieth percentile for spam compliance, technical requirements, functionality and accessibility.
  • To optimize an email program, it must be delivering for both technical performance and customer experience.

The entire report is available here, with a deep dive into each of the four industries for areas of opportunity and featuring which brands are setting benchmarks.