Ansira is proud to be in the Meta Business Partner programThis badge recognizes our expertise in campaign management across Facebook platforms that deliver high-value impact and quantified business results for our clients.  

The Meta Business Partner program is a global community of companies known for excellence on the platform. To be included in the program, agencies must meet certain performance requirements including qualifying spend, leverage of ad placements, and number of active pages connected to ad accounts. While most recipients submit themselves to be evaluated, Ansira is honored to have been nominated by our Facebook agency partners and client reps.  

As a Meta Business Partner, Ansira offers campaign management solutions that connect the dots between brand needs and customer wants. We use data-driven media activations — at the brand and local levels — as an extension of customer-relationship management (CRM) to deliver remarkable results. With brand-to-local experts in display, paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, television, and print, we take this targeted approach for both digital and traditional media. We plan, buy, and optimize national and local media across the entire marketing funnel, matching client goals to the best-performing opportunities for maximum impact.