A Letter from Jay Dettling, Ansira Chief Executive Officer:

Dear Team,

The recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, as well as the countless instances of violence stemming from racial injustice, shine a light on the inequalities and hate that still exist in our country. I know many of you have been struggling as a result of these tragic events, and my heart goes out to you. While I haven’t walked in the shoes of the black community and people of color, I do have empathy and respect for what you have had to endure and believe that it is time that we must all come together to make changes – big and lasting changes.

These are extraordinary times that call for self-reflection, education, and action. We are committed to supporting the team by sharing resources with you in the coming days to encourage awareness, education, and ongoing dialogue, and as a company we will not tolerate any racist actions. I want to ensure that together we will continue to drive an environment rooted in equality, safety, and empathy, and which stays true to our value to “embrace an inclusive, unified vision.”

I firmly believe that diversity and inclusion make the world a more interesting and beautiful place. We must make a sustained effort to truly see one another as equal human beings, to live with grace, and to stand up for justice every day.